Premier Division
Grange Albion 00000
Rumney RFC 0000
St Albans RFC 00000
Grange Quins00000
Grange Catholics 000
Llanrumney RFC000
St Michaels 00000
St Peters RFC 00000
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The History of the Game.

British / Welsh baseball has a rich and diverse history spreading many centuries in the making. References of the game can be found written by Jane Austin as “base-ball” and controversially brought to Britain from across the Atlantic as a new game for the people to play. Controversial in that it was the British who took the game to America in the first place. 

Much of the history of the game in Wales, has been found thanks to Martin Johnes of Swansea University and the Baseball Mercury Magazine. Many thanks also to the Clubs of Cardiff and Newport whose own history has, in part, been included in these pages.

The game is now celebrated, by both Men and Ladies, in South Wales, in Cardiff & Newport, and in Liverpool, England. The Welsh game is currently sporting two divisions, Premier and First, having seen as many as eight divisions in the nineteen eightees, with each division containing at least 8 teams.

These pages contain a range of media found in Britain, USA, the radio, television and even on Youtube. 

The WBU will continue to strive to research its own history and publish its findings in these pages.


Kevin O’Brien

Touch Base