Premier Division
Grange Albion 00000
Rumney RFC 0000
St Albans RFC 00000
Grange Quins00000
Grange Catholics 000
Llanrumney RFC000
St Michaels 00000
St Peters RFC 00000
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Baseball MercuryThe British Baseball Mercury was edited by (American) baseball historian William Morgan from 1972 until 1989. Fifty-one issues were produced in all, and the publication’s scope covered both domestic and international baseball, as well as softball. During his articles Morgan was often asked about the game being played in Cardiff, Newport, Monmouth and Liverpool and how it differed from the ‘British Baseball’ as seen by the proponents of the American Game. In later issues of the Baseball Mercury, Morgan began reporting far more often of the leagues and the victors of cups and leagues.

Although the Issues contained here of the Baseball Mercury were published between 1972 and 1989, these issues predated the Word Processor and so  it appears that the publications were produced on a typewriter (with arms and a carriage). For ease of reading the articles have been reproduced as ‘readable’ documents in a format which we are now more accustomed ie  Times New Roman.

Only the Issues containing information related to this website have been reproduced, but should you wish to view the whole collection, they are available here. Should you have either of the missing issues, or if you would like to make any other comments relating to the content, please get in touch with Project COBB directly.

The collection of Baseball Mercury was found as part of the research into American Baseball as played in Britain at Project COBB, which is an online collaboration that was founded by Joe Gray in 2008. Joe was subsequently awarded a Life Membership of the British Baseball Federation to acknowledge his contributions to chronicling the game’s present and restoring its past. Joe acts as coordinator for the initative, but its success depends largely on the work of its valued collaborators, who comprise members of a SABR Chartered Community and other contributors.

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