Premier Division
Grange Albion 00000
Rumney RFC 0000
St Albans RFC 00000
Grange Quins00000
Grange Catholics 000
Llanrumney RFC000
St Michaels 00000
St Peters RFC 00000
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Baseball Mercury 41

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At the beginning of 1985 the administration of Welsh Baseball Union and The Welsh National Baseball League were merged. A continuing problem was the industrial action by the teaching unions, about 250 school teams are affiliated to the W.B.U., but schools baseball has ground to a standstill during 1984/1985; with the exception of about seven junior schools whose heads were sufficiently supportive and co operative to permit games to be played completely during the school day.

To overcome this problem the W.B.U. are hoping that Scout and Guide troops will operate baseball teams.

Highlights of 1985. Llanrumney Y.C. won the Premier Diyision.

Championship for the twelfth successive season. Llanrumney Y.C. also won a hard fought final of the W.B.U. Cup versus Caerau, the largest W.B.U. Final crowd for some years turned out in the hope of  seeing a win by the underdog Caerau team, which had gained a Victory over Llanrumney a couple of weeks earlier.

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