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St Peters RFC 00000
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Baseball Mercury 42

Edition 42 contains an article in Typescript which in parts is difficult to read. Read it here or click the Header above to read the whole Issue.


Wales played England in the 6lst. international match (British code) on 19th. July. Wales won – the record now stands Wales 43 Wins; England 17; with one game abandoned.

For Wales, John Smith (Llanrumney Y.C.) set a new record for caps, reaching 13. The previous record of 12, which he equalled in 1985, had stood since 1938; and was held by the late Tommy Denning, who spent his peak years playing for Splott U.S. England has a smaller player pool to call on – so several English players have obtained more than 13 caps. Bobby Davin (Anfield O.B.) set up a new record of caps for England with 22 in this game.

Ivor Beynon, President of the Welsh Baseball Union, died earlier in the year; the game programme contained an interesting recollection of Ivor, written by Bill Barrett, press correspondent for the South Glamorgan Schools Baseball League.

Bill Barrett also had an item headed Schoolboy/Schoolgirl Baseball included in the programme. 1 was interested to read that a small schoolboys league had been formed in Luton. Enquiries had also been received from Grimsby and East London.

Ladies baseball is also flourishing in the Cardiff & Newport area. This league was originally formed in 1923, but faded out in the 1960’s. However the league was revived in 1973 with 6 teams and has steadily grown. There are now more than 30 teams operating in 4 divisions. The present secretary of the Ladies Baseball League ie Howard Evans, who for some years has acted as publicity officer for the Welsh National Baseball League.

The Welsh League title (mens) was won for the 13th. consecutive time by Llanrumney Y.C.; this team also won the W.B.U. Cup. The other major knock-out cup – the Welsh Brewers Cup – was won by a newcomer to the ranks of trophy winners. St. Michaels Old Boys (Newport) caused an upset by beating the most powerful Gwent team, Alexandra Old Boys.

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