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Grange Albion 00000
Rumney RFC 0000
St Albans RFC 00000
Grange Quins00000
Grange Catholics 000
Llanrumney RFC000
St Michaels 00000
St Peters RFC 00000
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Baseball Memories

George Whitcombe Batting for Wales against England 11th July 1931.jpg

George Whitcombe


to send your story

This site has been created during the Autumn of 2012 and contains a factual history of the game of Welsh / British Baseball. The game however, is far more than a series of statements of fact

Do you have a favourite memory of being at or playing Baseball? With a history as long and rich as ours… the characters we all know … and have known … it’s got to be worth sharing. Email your story here. Can you remember your first/ last game?

  • Can you remember your first/ last game?
  • Who do you remember?
  • Have you been on a Liverpool Trip
  • How old were you when you played for your club or Wales for the first time?
  • Have you got a story to tell?
  • Have you got a tour story? No forget that one.
  • Click George on the left to email your favourite memory.

Let’s all have a laugh – or cry at the memories we all share. If you don’t send an email yourself, let the rest of the members know about the page. We are now over 120 years old.. Let’s get something to remember. Go on – give it a whirl. However long or short. If its your memory – it’s our memory. Let’s not lose it!

Touch Base